We aim to empower clients and our community to become self-reliant and take appropriate actions to improve their lives.  We provide various programmes and services so as to enable them to lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Counselling, Social Work and Referral - Social Work Services

 Financial Assistance

  • Food Rations Programme

  • NTUC vouchers

  • Transport support

  • Living allowance

  • Back to school support

  • Schooling Needs Fund


Referral Services

  • CDC

  • CDAC


  • Community Partners

  • Public Donors

Counselling, Social Work and Referral - Counselling Service

We provide face-to-face counselling for any individual or family seeking help.

Counselling Service

  • Marital Counselling

  • Financial Management

  • Family Therapy

  • Dysfunctional Kids and Teens

  • Psychological Disorders

Special Focus Group (Therapeutic Programmes)

  • Single mother's support group

  • Rainbow group (for children of single parents)

  • HOPE Scheme

Counselling, Social Work and Referral - Centre-based Services

Kids, Teens, Elderly and Family Services

We provide resources to enhance well-being of Chinatown:

  • Building character and lifeskills

  • Enhancing literacy

  • Providing wholesome recreation

Tuition Programme

Tuition programme for primary and secondary school students in English and Mathematics

Nurture plus CDC

An English literacy programme for students from K1-P4's


A children's community club held on Saturday afternoon.  Kids have an enriching time with varying activities including Art and Craft, Speech and Drama, Games and more.  Worksheets in English, Mathematics, Science and Thinking Skills are also done.


Youth programmes are held during the holidays with experiential camps and outings, value-added with lifeskills training.


Senior adult's programmes are held on every Wednesday afternoon.  Seniors have fun time to enjoy varying activities and educational programmes

Bursary / Scholarship 

Bursary and Scholarship awards for students from low-income family.