Yong-en's Vision

Improving Lives, Impacting Communities


Yong-en's Mission

Yong-en Care Centre seeks to demonstrate God's love through value-added community based services and support for the needy individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond.


Yong-en's Vision Core Values

  • God's Love
    Expressing God's love through care and compassion for the clients we serve.
  • Respect
    Showing regard for everyone that we serve and work with, irrespective of their physical, social or spiritual circumstances.
  • Affirmation
    Positively Encouraging and Enhancing the strength in each individual to build his or her resiliency to face life's challenges.
  • Commitment
    Upholding our Pledge to the vision and mission of Yong-en and to our clients to reach their therapeutic goals and targets.
  • Excellence
    Serving our clients with professionalism and to the best of our abilities