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Your gift meets needs of disadvantaged individuals
and households in Chinatown and beyond.

We exist to serve the community

We exist to show God’s love through person-centred care services to support the needs of the elderly, disadvantaged individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond.

Our wide range of services and diverse partnerships allow a holistic approach to care for those in need. We serve the community through our Core Services:

  • Family Support Services
  • Elderly Services:
    • Dementia Day Care
    • Home Care Service
    • Active Ageing

How your donation has a deeper impact?

  • We leverage your donations to help more people in the community. Our 23 employees serve more than 1,000 disadvantaged individuals and families annually, by engaging over 2,000 volunteers.
  • Our wide range of core services and diverse partnerships allow us to take a holistic approach to caring for those in need, your support has even deeper impact.
  • When you support our work, you will be partnering an organisation who is an early pioneer of Dementia Day Care.
  • We are in it for the long term – serving the community since 1996.

We’re a team of passionate people serving Chinatown and beyond


One in 10 people aged 60 and above in Singapore has dementia (28,000 in 2012). By 2030, this number is expected to rise to 80,000. As such, Dementia Day Care like Yong-en’s are in dire need to serve the nation’s increasing ageing population. Dementia Day Care is one of our niche expertise area. At our Dementia Day Care, we do all we can to enhance the physical, social and spiritual well-being of seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer's. Being able to bring joy and happiness to the seniors, and to contribute to a more meaningful life for seniors living with dementia is satisfying to us.

Yong-en Dementia Day Care Service provides the following: 

  • Effective dementia care by enhancing the physical, psycho-social and spiritual well-being of our client.
  • Therapeutic environment with meaningful and culturally appropriate activities that maintain our clients in the community with dignity.
  • Specially designed activity programme for the individual client.

Allowing seniors with dementia age in place through multiple cognitive stimulating activities in the day.


Home care is an important pillar for the ageing population enable our seniors to age in place. Medication non-compliance, if left unchecked, can result in medical complications, fall risk and hospital re-admission. 

Yong-en's Home Care Service sees to the needs of the seniors living in the community.

Services include:

  • Dressing of Wounds
  • Change of and care of feeding tube, urinary catheter and other procedures
  • Monitoring of blood pressure and blood glucose levels
  • Medication packing and monitoring
  • Being an Advocate- by updating and discussing with Doctors on client's needs and progress.
  • Health Education for patient and caregivers
  • Caregiver's training


Seniors age actively through a holistic approach – stimulating their mind, engaging their heart and spirit through varied platforms.  We also encourage our seniors to be involved in purposeful volunteering.

Active Ageing programme - Yong-en Active Hub! (YEAH!) is located at 3779 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-03 (S) 159462

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We care for disadvantaged households by providing various programmes and services to support them in their life challenges. We journey with clients and empower them to be more resilient.

Social Work & Counselling Services

  • Financial Assistance
  • Referral Services
  • Case Management and Counselling
  • Support Groups

Centre-based Services

  • Food Distribution and Befriender Programme
  • Tuition Programme
  • GROW skills Programme
  • Bursary / Scholarship

In year 2019, Yong-en served 1,108 precious lives across our core services. 


Households helped by food distribution programme (monthly)


Active Social Work and Counselling Cases


Young families supported by Hope Mentoring Scheme


Seniors served by Home Care Services


Children/Youth benefitting from Yong-en Care Centre Education Awards (annually)


Seniors benefiting from active ageing programme (weekly)


Children/youth benefiting from our tuition programme (weekly)


Seniors ageing meaningfully at our Dementia Day Care

Our Journey with our beneficiaries

Being close to the ground allow us to make informed choices in providing for ever-evolving needs around. Services were adapted according to changing demographics and new services were started to stay relevant to the community.

Increase in beneficiaries served since 1996

Education Awards


Students in Tuition


Home Care


Social Work cases


Food & Bread Distribution


Seniors in Dementia Day Care


Zelene’s mom

"I am very thankful for Yong-en because my children have learnt a lot through the activities organized by the Centre – and not just academically. My daughter, Zelene has become more confident and is able to make more friends."

Mdm Tan

Dementia Day Care Service client

"Night time can come, I also want to come."

Mdm Teo

Dementia Day Care Service client

"I can socialize and interact with others. Not so lonely, I'm happy."

Choon Qwee

Son of Dementia Day Care Service client

"Now that she is at the centre, we are happy that she is finding some companionship and enriching her time by joining the activities."

Mdm Chai

Dementia Day Care Service client

"A lot of things to do, everyone is kind and friendly. It is not an easy job."

Tan Junbin


"The care shown at Dementia Day Care Service and the partnership between staff, family, domestic helpers and volunteers are built around a common concern for family members, clients and the community."


Volunteer from Ministry of Health

"I was overwhelmed by her story, and was deeply concerned. I felt empathetic towards her for leading such a tough life. She expressed immense gratitude towards Yong-en Care Centre for assisting her and giving her courage to take stride forward and providing assistance she needed." 

Magdalene Kang

Volunteer from River of Love

“Our reward is to see them walk home with a smile on their face and knowing that we have made a difference in their lives!”

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