Volunteer Opportunities

When you begin your service as a volunteer with Yong-en Care Centre, you are embarking on a worthwhile and delightful journey. You may not be able to do everything but you can definitely do something to make a difference in someone’s life.

In Yong-en Care Centre, we will work with you and support you in your placement to make the volunteer experience as meaningful as possible.



We welcome Corporates or Institutions looking for a meaningful cause to support, as well as fun ways to engage your organisation. We also welcome individuals wanting to do good. Some ideas:

1) Dementia Day Care

Support our team at Dementia Day Care in daily activities for our dementia clients.

2) Helping needy households

Assist in food packing, food distribution, cleaning/painting of rental flats, be-friending lonely elderly, etc. 

3) Charity Golf Tournament – Annual fundraising event 

Sponsorship consideration or golfers to book flights to play for charity.

Volunteer to help at the events/PAR3 challenge.

4) Partnership in your events

The following are some ideas for such partnership:

Charity Car Wash

We are glad to collaborate with you to do a charity car wash in your premises with your colleagues or students and volunteers running the event together.

Charity Run/Walk cum Family Day

Partners can consider hosting this event as one of your ‘Family Day’ event with Yong-en as your beneficiary charity. Apart from fund-raising by the runners/walkers, we could set up booths selling craft made by our beneficiaries.

Charity Concert

For Corporates/Institutions with talents, do consider showcasing these talents through a Charity Concert; with Yong-en as your beneficiary charity.

We are open to other ideas, and look forward to having a discussion to explore ways that we can customise programmes with your organisation.

Dementia Day Care Services (DDCS)

Daily Activities

  • specially designed activities and physical exercises for our clients, mainly elderly
  • daily exercise, memory game, card games such as bingo, singing, art and crafts, sometimes some hands on cooking sessions.
  • interaction with our elderly, talk to them.

Family Support Services (FSS)

We help clients of all ages. They are mostly residents of Chinatown in a 1 or 2 room rented flat comprising of seniors who stay alone, single parent family, or sole breadwinners in families with health issues and unable to work as such. We help by providing appropriate information and referral services in the areas of financial assistance, legal and welfare issues as well as empowering needy clients to become self-reliant and take appropriate action to improve their lives.

Services from FSS department:

Financial and Referral Services, Counselling Services, Social Work Services

  • Food rations, financial assistance, cleaning & painting of beneficiaries’ house and depending on needs, we may also get some necessary household appliances.

Presently we have over 300 individuals under our care. Common language: Cantonese and Mandarin.

Volunteer Opportunities at FSS

Things to take note when engaging with residents

  • Empathise with their situation, don’t ask sensitive question when visiting them.
  • if you are regular, you may consider to be a befriender. 

Home Care Service

We provide transitional and continuity of nursing care to clients when they are discharged from the hospital, especially elderly who are homebound. Volunteer Opportunities are available for befrienders to homebound clients.  Popping by to chat or have a simple meal together tells them that they do not age alone.

Volunteer Opportunities in General

We have adhoc requests such as assisting in the packing and wrapping of gifts to prepare for activities/programmes. We are looking for more to be on our Ad hoc request list, please do contact us.

Thank you for considering Yong-en Care Centre to contribute your time and talent. We look forward to hearing from you. We are contactable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 6225 1002.