A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream – Shoot For The Moon!

Aug 03, 2022

This Mid-Autumn Festival, band together with Yong-en in encouraging, motivating, and challenging our community as we cheerlead the young and old in our community; to “Shoot for The Moon”! 🌙

While the effects of the pandemic have been felt by all, it has affected our vulnerable beneficiaries disproportionately.

Shoot for The Moon, which runs from 1st Aug to 31st Oct, aims to inspire them to jump higher, lift heavier, run further, and dig deeper!

You can support this campaign by donating directly here https://www.giving.sg/ycc/shoot_for_the_moon

OR take matters into your own hands and set up your own fundraising campaign that may resonate with your network better! We will provide you with more details on how to do this in an upcoming post.

All donations will go towards improving the lives of those under our care and to support Yong-en as we journey with them in finding a way to their respective ‘Moons’.

A little help can make a big change. Let’s join forces this Mid-Autumn Festival and Shoot for The Moon together! 🌙💫

*This campaign is supported by Toteboard; For every $1 raised, an additional $0.40 is matched by Toteboard.

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