How We Help The Community

Family Support Services

Comprises a combination of short to medium term interim support; and empowerment projects for longer term intervention.

Home Care

Caters to the medical and nursing needs of the homebound and frail elderly, allowing them to age in place in the community.

Dementia Day Care

Cares for persons with dementia - curating meaningful activities that allow persons with dementia to age with dignity; and respite for their caregivers.

Active Ageing

Promotes positive and healthy ageing by increasing health competencies and social engagement of older members in the community.

Our Vision For
The Future

As established care providers, we face a growing demand for professional and effective elder care and family support services. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we continue to build a strong community of support and remain steadfast in our vision of improving lives and impacting communities.

Our Milestones

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Opening of Yong-en Active-Ageing Hub (YEAH!) at Bukit Merah.

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Counselling, Social Work and Referral Services changed its name to Family Support Services to better represent its services.

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Launch of Home Care Medical Service

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Launch of Home Care Nursing Service

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Single Mums Support Group

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Launch of Counselling, Social and Referral Service

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Launch of Kids, Teens and Family Service (Closed in May 2012)

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Launch of Dementia Day Care Service

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Awarded Institution of Public Character (IPC) Status

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Relocated to Chinatown, 335A Smith Street location

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Registered as a Charity

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

Registered as a Society with Registry of Society

25 Years of Service

25 years of faithful service has gained us street cred and familiarity in our community.

Celebrating numerous milestones and achievements together over the years, we will continue to journey alongside our friends to help them with near term needs and build their resilience to face the future head on. Being one of the pioneers in Dementia Day Care and having more than a decade of experience working with the senior population in Chinatown and Outram area, we are committed to provide personable and authentic services to support positive ageing and ageing in place

What Founding Members Have Always Considered

What started as “little acts of kindness” carried out by members of Fairfield Methodist Church to address the real needs of the Chinatown community in the 90s, grew into a concerted effort to help provide professional and effective care services to those in need in Chinatown and beyond.

Founding members of the church have always considered a calling from God to serve the community in Chinatown. With the local community’s interest at heart, Yong-en Care Centre was registered as a charity in 1996 – independent of the church, governed by its own constitution and with its own members.

Independent of the church and governed by its own constitution, Yong-En is a friendly and welcoming space for both church members and interested members of the public to come together to do good for the community.

While remaining affiliated to the church, Yong-en continues helping the Chinatown community enjoy a greater sense of bonding and has become their pillar of support in times of need.