Food Security
Case Management
Financial Assistance

PantryPlenish, BreadWalk, FreshFood

Our monthly food distribution programme provides monthly dried food rations containing staple items, as immediate assistance for low-income families and aged seniors in Chinatown, Jalan Kukoh and York Hill.

We also distribute bread and fresh food to lessen their financial burden and have healthier food options.

Case Management

We work closely with clients and assess the client’s environmental and societal factors that may influence their well-being and progression. With that, we will identify the clients’ needs, and provide assistance and resources to support our clients.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to those in need of immediate support. Our emergency relief fund was set up to help low-income breadwinners who have lost their jobs, had their income severely disrupted or faced a personal income loss.

We aim to provide our service-users with temporary financial assistance to help them cover daily expenses and give them some peace of mind, so they focus on getting back on their feet.

Referrals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Food Ration: Based on referrals by Social Service Office (SSO) or Family Service Centres (FSC) and staying in Chinatown vicinity
  • Bread Distribution: Residents living in rental blocks of either one room / one and a half room flat, and families with financial difficulties
  • Case Management: Based on referrals by SSO or FSC and staying in Chinatown vicinity, or recommended by Yong-en Care Centre (YCC) Case Workers

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