Fulfil Mdm Han’s Dream of Giving Back

Sep 23, 2022

Mdm Han is one of our beloved beneficiaries at Yong-en’s Home Care Services. Even at 82, she doesn’t let her struggles with osteoarthritis and being frail hold her back from giving back to the community.

Her passion for cooking and baking spurs her to prepare dishes and baked goods for her loved ones often. To show her love and gratitude for Yong-en, Mdm Han has graciously decided to offer her classic red rice lees, Hong Zao, recipe for fundraising.

Mdm Han had single-handledly prepared over 3kgs of red rice lees, and overseen the 2-month long production process to deliver 16 premium bottles of Hong Zao.

$200 supports a month’s visit by Yong-en’s nurses for clients like herself. Mdm Han would like to gift our supporters with her ‘Bottled Gratitude’ for donations over $200*

Help fulfil Mdm Han’s dream of ‘giving back’ here!

*Limited to 16 bottles

1) Leave your name, IC, contact, and email as prompted on giving.sg
2) We will arrange delivery of Hong Zao to the given address
3) For any clarification, please feel free to reach out to rachel-lim@yong-en.org.sg / 6309 0583.

From 1 Aug 2022 to 31 Oct 2022, all donations via link above will be matched by Toteboard.