Families in Need

“Rich”, “expensive”, “developed” – words we are perhaps all too familiar with when it comes to describing Singapore.

With the government anticipating a 3% to 5% growth in GDP in 2022 (Lin, 2022), Singapore is seen to enjoy economic growth and stability as a nation. However, it is essential to recognise the widening socioeconomic gap. Despite the government’s attempts to remedy the income disparity between households belonging to the bottom 10% and top 10%, it has continued to rise from 2009 (Koh, 2020).

Poverty is an underlying issue of our prosperous nation which requires much attention and assistance. However, poverty cannot be addressed solely by the government. It requires the participation of civil society as well. Social Service Agencies (SSAs) play a vital role in helping the community and reallocating resources, Yong-en comes alongside in partnership with the public and private sphere to do just that.

Impact Stories

One of our success stories features Mdm Padida, a hero mum.

Mdm Padida was the sole breadwinner of her family when she moved to Singapore from Thailand. Little did she expect to face such difficulties in her new home country – financial burdens soon weighed in on her as she struggled to provide for herself and her 3 children.

Besides monthly provisions of food rations since 2016, both of Mdm Padida’s daughters have received a bursary from Yong-en – a significant relief from her financial burdens. Corporate volunteers also helped clean and paint her home, creating an environment suited for living and thriving; no more studying under dimly-lit conditions!

As a foreign mother, Mdm Padida was not eligible for government subsidies. Resources and aid were also limited which led to even more significant financial struggles on her end. Additionally, job hunting was also posed as a challenge due to the language barrier. Communicating in English might be a requirement for most jobs in Singapore, and as a result, these factors are consequential enough to cause families like Mdm Padida’s to struggle with poverty.

The support and encouragement from Yong-en both physically and mentally have greatly impacted the quality of life for Mdm Padida and her family. Yong-en strives to uplift and empower the community in our care.