Building a Dementia- Friendly Community

In Singapore, the number of people to suffer from dementia is rojected to increase to 152,000 by 2030. While dementia may not be cured, it is hopeful to slow down the deterioration by actively supporting and engaging your loved one’s mind with hands-on and cognitive activities.

As we prepare to build a dementia-friendly community, it is important for us to bring more awareness to dementia and break the associated stereotypes. It is not the end when one has dementia! More can be done to support persons enjoy life and continue maximising on what they still can do and like to do.

94% Care giver satisfaction in 2020

89% Seniors at our Day Care maintained their cognitive ability in the last 6 months.

100% Care goals achievement rate

1 in 10 Singaporeans 60 years and above have dementia

Almost half of Dementia Cases in Singapore are Vascular Dementia

$S2.8 Billion estimated spent on Dementia in Singapore

Impact Stories

Mondays and Wednesdays are special for Alan. Those are the days that he is at our Dementia Day Care (DDC), where he gets to participate in a myriad of activities. More than a mere participant, Alan acts like one of the care team members. He would co-facilitate some activities, help with setting up and arrangement for activities. He even assists other seniors when needed (in line with Montessori care approach for seniors with dementia, where seniors are empowered to co-lead according to their functionality). With the implementation of the circuit breaker and temporary closure of the day care, Alan was said to be missing this routine during a check-in call with his wife. He would be reminded about the temporary closure each time and be disappointed to learn that he could not be at the Centre.

When learnt that the Centre would re-open in July 2020, he was overjoyed and returned to the programme more zealous than before. His wife and daughter, who are the main caregivers were also appreciative of the respite and support as they both returned to their workplace.

The Next Lap

Under the rubric of population ageing, the need for community care and support services is expected to increase. The scope of these services also widen as the profiles of the seniors and their caregivers change with times. Moving forward, we will strive to support the senior beneficiaries as well as their caregivers to age in place to the best of our abilities by increasing our competencies and expanding our range of services.

Sessional Therapy and Workshop-Based Programmes

Dementia is a long-term progressive disorder with the intensity of care and support needed growing in tandem. The experience of dementia differs between individuals and their needs will continue to evolve as they traverse through the progressive stages of dementia.

In cognizance, moving beyond day care and expanding the variety of our dementia services is eminent. In the next few years, sessional therapy programme and workshop-based programmes for both people living with dementia and their caregivers will be introduced gradually