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Active-Ageing & Other Programmes

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Our seniors age actively through a holistic approach – stimulating their mind, engaging their heart and spirit through varied platforms. 

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Our approach to active ageing is to support and tirelessly promote interesting and engaging ways to get our seniors involved in the community. We offer a wide variety of engaging activities allowing them to explore new hobbies, learn new skills in a supportive group or pursue their passion with professional guidance.


We strive to develop and build a strong Active Hub for seniors to socialise and engage with the community. This is beneficial to enrich their overall mental, social and physical wellbeing.

YEAH! is an inclusive and open community that offers weekly activities to stimulate our seniors’ cognitive and motor functions in fun and engaging ways. The wide variety of activities we offer include short one day sessions or longer courses.


Our comprehensive active ageing programme also empowers our seniors to set a positive example for their fellow seniors. The benefits of active ageing are numerous and by giving our seniors the platform to perform and lead, we hope for our Active Hub to continue to grow as our Singapore population ages.

Eligibility Criteria

Everyone who applies to Yong-en Active Hub (YEAH!) is subject to an assessment of eligibility and suitability for the services we offer. This is based on the admission criteria below:

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents aged 55 years and above.
  • Seniors who can move about in the community independently.
  • Seniors who are physically healthy or with stable chronic medical conditions, no or mild cognitive impairment.

YEAH! Programmes

Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic is an Exercise-As-Medicine strength training programme to improve the functional abilities of seniors. This holistic programme includes state-of-the-art gym machines, measuring equipment, evidence based assessment protocols and advanced software to support seniors with smart strength training.

Gym Tonic Fees

Membership Type Member Non-Member Duration Remark
Gym Tonic New Sign Up $240 12 Weeks 24 sessions 2 sessions per week

Including pre/post assessments

Maintenance $200 12 Weeks
24 sessions
Only post-assessment
Other Programmes

Variety of activities to promote psychosocial and/or cognitive health and wellness conducted on regular schedule through the year.

Other Programmes Fees

Membership Type Member Non-Member Duration Remark
Renewable Membership $120 1 Year Unlimited access (registration required)
Workshops $10 – $100 $20 – $200 Multiple sessions No. of sessions depend on nature of workshop
Talks FOC $2 Per session  –
Outings or excursions $10 $20 Per outing

Stay active, healthy, and socially engaged!